I am the self proclaimed ‘rogue bridal stylist’, and although I have my Unfussy Hussy hands in many  projects, I am missing my one on one sessions with brides.  I offer remote styling sessions with brides that are in need of professional assistance when it comes to choosing the perfect gown. Whether you are searching solo, your family & friends aren’t vibing with your style, or you simply want unbiased expert advice; I’m your chick.


Leave it to the expert with no skin in the game and a pedigree in the industry. Simply follow @unfussyhussy on instagram, post a pic from the bridal salon with the hashtag #styledbyuh, and DM me with your pics. Within 24 hours, I will give you my expert advice on which gown is best suited for you. Any info about your venue, concerns, etc. are welcomed as well. I will shoot your straight, no strings attached. No photos will be shared or posted unless otherwise requested.