Britt’s Bridal Look

Vanderpump Rules beauty, Brittany Cartwright, recently wed reformed bad boy Jax Taylor and her 3 in 1 bridal style is all the buzz…..

It’s not new for reality starts to strut in more than just one look on their big day, but it usually involves complete wardrobe changes. Kentucky born Brittany managed to keep the main Netta BenShabu design consistent while adding and taking away dress additions to change the vibe.

Watters Bridal is has perfected the separates trend at a fantastic price. Here are some notable pieces.

WTOO Bree Corset
Willetta Corset & Renata Pant
Nessa Skirt
Vasela Overskirt

Amazon Prime Wardrobe for Brides

This deep dive into Amazon Prime Wardrobe was admittedly surprisingly successful. I had purposely refrained from ordering anything from this program until we were able to focus on it solely for bridal purchases. It was very important for me to be genuine in the process. I was seriously blown away with how wonderful the gowns were in person. I am used to working with high end designers, the finest of materials and choosing dresses based on how they show on a runway; this was a total crap shoot and I could have not been more pleased with the outcome. I cannot wait for my next order from APW to arrive this week!!

Gowns featured:

Jenny Yoo Sadie Strapless Gown – Prices vary depending on size and availability. I was most impressed with the quality and fit of this gown. Very elegant, well made and impressive fabric. True to size. Highly recommend.

Dress the Population Taylor Gown – Prices vary depending on size and availability. I love the striking neckline and design detail. Fabric was more sheer than others and would possibly have a seamstress add another layer. Size up when ordering.

Tadashi Shoji Feather Trim Bridal Gown – Prices vary depending on size and availability. The bodice is made impeccably. The details are wonderful and the sheer illusion is among the best quality I have ever seen. This skirt material is very high quality and the fit will make or break this look. True to size. Highly recommend for a fashion forward bride.

New York Bridal Fashion Week, Spring 2020

What does Spring 2020 have in store for brides??? Hella attitude and badass fashion. (Two of my all time fav things) There is no playing it safe this season, so bad bitches rejoice.😉 Sorry wallflowers, if you are dreaming of a simple and quiet style for your nuptials; you will be shopping from seasons’ past. The looks shown in New York this April Market have a strong edge and flair for daring fashion.

Sleeves were a consistent style on the runways. Think last years’ lace sleeve and turn it up a notch or too. Interesting fabrics, rouching, ruffles and added volume were among the ways innovative designers upped the sleeve trend. Frequently paired with a plunging neckline and striking design, this isn’t a style for a shrinking violet.

There are a couple of other gowns that caught my eye and deserve a mention.

Quite possibly the best topper ever!!

Sarah Seven has always had a special place in my heart and I am lucky enough to have witnessed her rise to bridal fame. The collection she debuted at #nybfw made me fall in love with her all over again. And this gown in particular sent me into a happy tizzy.

Bride by Sarah Seven, ‘Wilde’ Gown

ASOS Bridal

Diving deep into fast fashion bridal has taken me to an obvious and very necessary next stop – ASOS.


Known for fashion forward styles and over seas influences, it’s only natural that bridal looks are included into this global fashion house.

Who is an ASOS Bride? The unfussiest of modern mavens that appreciate clean fashion, unbiased beauty and don’t feel like dropping serious coin on a limited wear frock. This bad ass bride is also not one to waiver on big decisions or seek approval from their posse of peers. And although this might seem like an intimidating scenario at the cool girls’ table, it’s an all inclusive affair–petites, curves and leggy (tall) lovelies allowed. ASOS has limited looks for brides-to-be and that’s perfect for those that don’t need too many options to cloud up judgement calls.  Seasonal collaborations with designers such as Bronx & Banco pop up every now and again, but this ain’t Target. There isn’t a revolving door of overly saturated designers creating cookie cutter gowns for the masses. ASOS has a particular customer and that is what makes it special. They stay in their lane, and this unfussy hussy appreciates the hell out of that.

ASOS Brides Significance: There are a few ‘no frills’ attributes that make ASOS stand out as poster child fast fashion brand for me. Starting with THE most significant and helpful tool that any clothing consumer could ask for: VIDEOS!! I cannot emphasize what a gift this feature is. This is an underutilized vantage point for a true to life depiction of these pieces on a body. Photos are great and all, but posed pics are just that- purposely posed. Yes, these videos feature gorgeous models strutting on a short runway, but there is so much helpful info transpired on these tidbits if you are paying close attention. Puckering and unsettled seams can’t hide while in movement, and if it doesn’t flatter the stunning model, well…that’s pretty telling. Alternatively, with the ASOS Bridal line, I find that the pictures don’t do the dresses justice. The gowns that catch my stylist’s eye initially are proven to be winners via the videos. I am especially struck by the satin slinkier numbers. There is little room for error with these fabrics, but ASOS nails it. When viewing the video clips of each product, I am looking for the way it moves when she walks, if the fabric clings, the fit of the tusshie, the train length and side angle.

Inexpensive accessories and adorable add-ons are also offered, so don’t be shy with that order. One can’t have too much cute bride merch.

Be sure to scroll outside of the ‘bridal’ options. There are several numbers offered by ASOS that don’t fit into the bridal box. Amelia Rose Designs  and intuitive searches such as ‘ASOS sequin maxi dresses’ will uncover several gems that are aisle appropriate.

*Free returns up to 28 days after purchase—cannot beat that. Personally, if I know that I am not keeping something, I send that sucker back as soon as I possibly can, but if for some reason it takes a bit to repack the rejects, well, you got it!

Size alternatives for selected gowns…this could be a game changer for those of us that have special fitting needs. To be clear, not all dresses are offered in Petite, Tall or Curvy. This is purposeful. Depending on the construction of the dress, fabric adornment and placement of seams, specialty sizes could be a necessity. Otherwise, straight sizing, for the most part, can be fixed with a simple seam nip and tuck or hem fix.  For example, if there is an obvious separation from bodice to skirt with a hard seam at the waistline; too long of a bodice could result with a fitted waist that hits below the belly button on my fellow shorter gals, or for the higher in height hotties, the seam could creep up to an unflattering underboob, rib location. In this particular scenario, a pattern would be created in both a petite and tall option. Extra length is another, more obvious reasoning behind creating a tall pattern option. Hemlines can always be raised, but not added onto. Bonus: ASOS offers maternity bridal styles too!! This is a wonderful option for pretty preggers brides.

Technical Tidbits: Sizes range from US 0 to US 14 with non-specialty gowns. (Not petite, tall or curvy) Petite options range from US 2 to to US 12. Curvy options range from US 12 to US 26. Tall options range from US 2 to US 12. Many styles sell fast and it is common for ASOS to run out of size runs quickly.  Fit assistance is offered with each dress prompting for your height and weight, belly shape, hip shape, bust size, age and fit preference. Explanatory photos are shown for simple comparisons. Way more realistic than banking on exact number measurements if you ask me. I know my measurements can change drastically based on day of the month and how hard I hit the hidden Halloween candy stash the night before. It has been my personal experience that the ASOS brand tends to be true to size or a bit small. If you are concerned, err in the side of caution and order up. Expect to retain a seamstress or tailor regardless. I can’t preach it enough—the proper fit makes all the difference in the world. No matter the cost of the dress. Couture gowns can still look crummy if it is an ill fit. Ahem, Megan M.

Standard shipping costs begin at $4.99 for purchases less than $50. Once you hit that half hundy, it’s free. Pre-paid labels are included in original parcel or printable from a carrier website by clicking the return link. 28 day refund return option for all items. (including sale) Exchanges can only be done by returning original order and then opening new order in newly desired size or color. Refunds can take up to 10 working days to fulfill, so if there is a question of sizing, maybe order both options to avoid lag time.

Personal Faves: 


ASOS Edition halter, $190



Jarlo Tall Bardot, *Limited stock $139 *Sale price **Stylist’s Tip: Add buttons satin covered buttons down the center of this dress to immediately up the fashion of this look.


ASOS Edition CURVE, $117 *Sale price


Amelia Rose Embelished Long Sleeve $229, Low in stock*


ASOS Edition, $190 **Mini option also available**



Stylist’s Sidenote: These pieces are perfect for an individualistic, modern style. Personal touches such as jewelry, accessories and makeup/hair looks will elevate the clean lines and stark look. If budget will allow, purchase both the ivory and white color options when available. These variations may seem slight in stock photos, but non-embellished fabric without another layer lace or tulle to mute the tones, can make or break a look. Not every skin tone can handle stark white and some ivories appear too yellow on olive coloring.






Fast Bridal Fashion: Lulus Brides

Online fast fashion is nothing new to consumers, however in the world of bridal, it has yet to be mastered. Brands such as boohoo, fashion nova, asos and lulus are go-to sites for direct to customer clothing, but not often thought of when it comes to searching for a bridal gown. Well, here is my take on that– why the hell not?!? I have recently become obsessed with researching fast fashion bridal, and Lulus Brides is on the top of my list.

Who is a Lulus Bride? Unfussy budget gals with a keen sense of style, and little to no patience or time for bull shit. AKA, my kinda chick. This collection is a no-fuss series of modern dresses that are splendidly appropriate for a beach, outdoor, second or more chill wedding. I would even suggest any of these pieces for a reception dress option. Extremely boogyable.

Lulus Brides Significance: Um, you can’t beat free shipping and free returns.….especially when you have your eye on a few of the dresses. This is bridal shopping 101. Nobody tries on just one dress. Order dress silhouettes that you typically feel comfortable with, but also throw in a couple of curve balls that you are drawn to. You might surprise yourself. And hell, at these prices, you might end up keeping more than one! *free shipping for orders over $50 US only. *free returns within 10 days of delivery date. The real customer photos are crucial. This NEVER happens in bridal. Any model with professional hair, makeup and lighting can make even the most unfortunate of bridal dresses look good. Many of the Lulus pics are everyday selfies taken on a random Tuesday. (not necessarily a Tuesday, but you get what I mean.) You are seeing exactly what  you are going to get from a consumer just like you! All shapes, sizes and body types. This is invaluable. I love, love, love how several of the brides have individualized their looks by either adding specialized accessories, sleeves or changing the hemline. It is sometimes hard to visualize these changes, but these pics offer examples and ideas for brides that are wanting a little tweak here and there.  ANOTHER great thing— the reviews….again, this is pure gold. Unbiased, real opinions on all product details ranging from fabric quality, fit and overall quality….basically everything you need to know when purchasing a wedding dress. Lulus  also provides immediate live chats with their in house stylists. *Don’t forget that celebrity bridal stylist, unfussyhussy can also chime in with helpful advisement thru insta DMs. #styledbyUH

Technical Tidbits: Sizes range from XS-XL. Read product descriptions for things such as fabric content, measurements, stretch, lining and length. Taller brides need to be extra aware of this. Hemlines can always be taken up, but not added onto. Budget up to $200 for alterations. I realize that this meets or exceeds the prices of these dresses, but a properly tailored gown will look like a million bucks. Embroidered or lace fabric will always be pricier to alter, especially scalloped hems. Dresses with trains will need a bustle, so take that into consideration. Some dresses might require adding extra lining  to prevent an unwanted sheer situation.

Personal Faves:


True Love $252


Heaven & Earth $86


Awaken My Love $86


Everlasting Beauty $94


Olivia $249


Love Potion $86


Don’t forget about the BFFs! (bride’s friends & family…I refuse to call them maids) There are sooo many adorable and affordable styles to choose from. Pick a color palette and let your ladies choose their fav style. Doesn’t get much easier than that. Check out these blue hued hotties!!


From top to bottom:

Mythical Kind of Love in Navy $66

Kind & Loving Light in Blue Floral $78

Strappy to be Here in Denim Blue $58

 Love Forever in Slate  Blue $84

Stylist’s Sidenote: Take advantage of the amazing prices and consider ordering your chosen wedding gown in an alternate color. You can rock this frock on special occasions such as anniversaries, special events, or whatever! Nobody needs to know that it is the same design you sported on your wedding day besides you and your partner. 💖

Upcoming Bridal Trends & Takeaways

In true bridal fashion, October market introduced new trends and put others to rest. RIP beaded bodices and asymmetric ruching.

2019 brides will be embarking on 3 dimensional fabrics, elaborate lace covered cut outs, deep necklines and demi cups galore. The toughest design to perfect being the ladder. (I’m still suffering PSD from exposed bra boning gone wrong from seasons past.)

Let’s dive into dimension. There was A TON of this on the runway. Like a ton. Buyers and brides will need to separate the cheap from the chic. It’s a fine line with this trend. This detail comes in many shapes and sizes. Designers debuted everything from flowers to feathers for the textured touch. Here’s what you need to know: placement, color and fabric are key. Petals are meant to appear organic, create depth and visual interest. A subtle contrast such as champagne or blush pink is aesthetically preferred. This way in photos, it is obvious that this detail is intensional rather than a fabric flaw. If the additions are too tonal, it can create a blurred mess rather than an artistic adornment. The heavier the detail, the further away from the bum, face and waist the placement should be. There is, however, a caveat to this unspoken rule. For all of my fellow IBTC, (itty bitty titty committee), members a little fluff upstairs is perfectly acceptable. Standouts from #nybfw include Pronovias, Suzanne Harward& honorable mention to Reem Acra for the coolest veil to date.

Sheer cut-outs and crops of last year have been recycled for more updated versions including lace inserts, exposed boning and interesting skirt attachments. Nobody holds a candle to the OG of the perfectly placed lace: Rime Arodaky.

Inbal Dror hands down killed it with this lace lined number. In love.

Bo & Luca turned a trendy crop to bohemian and beautiful with the simple addition of the strategically placed button.

Onto one of the most controversial styles of the season: the exposed boning. Executed properly, this look is feminine and beautiful. Poor placement and you’ve unintentionally turned a bridal gown into a Madonna, Material Girl contest. It’s tricky, and I’ve taken my personal preferences off the table for this trend. I am IMPOSSIBLE to please and excuse myself from offering opinions. You be the judge for those that bravely attempt the bra cup controversy. Hats off to Lee Grebenau, Marquise Bridal, and Ines Penis. (Check out instagram for an explanation for this unflattering & extremely deserved nickname.)

Honorable mention to the sheer pocket, extreme high low hemlines, feather coverlets & the welcomed resurgence of the obi bow.

And last but not least, I am having a total love affair with these 3 Chosen beauties that debuted in September. Nothing but pure love for these golden girls.

Reformation Fall Wedding Collection

The idea of ready-to-wear bridal is always one worth diving into.

On the heels of Reformation’s infamous sweatshirt mishap, a Fall Wedding Collection dropped. (Diversion tactic, possibly??) I am always intrigued with the idea of a bridal gown that can TRULY be worn again, or purchased in a different pattern/color and thrown on whenever nostalgia is needed. Reformation delivers a capsule Fall line that delivers both options. Now, let me start off by saying that I might have some reeaaallly similar sketches pinned on my vision board awaiting the day I finally release my own dream line….so it goes without saying there are a couple of pieces speak my language. Nothing earth shattering going on here, but there is a chic and effortless vibe that will really resonate with brides that are looking for something simple, flattering and fuss free. AKA brides that I could be friends with. Some of the pieces are better suited for wedding attendants or rehearsal dinners, but there are some real gems in the mix.

The most bridal of the bunch is the beloved ‘Mykonos.‘ This off the shoulder lace number is solely offered in ivory and is unmistakably intended for bridal wear only. The numerous darts and seams allow for easier alterations when perfecting the fitted mermaid silhouette. I can’t quite identify how the top of the bodice if finished, but my first thought would be to make the straps detachable and remove them after the ceremony. The draping is pretty tailored and typically does to not have a lot of give for arm movement. The deep-v bodice is heavily boned as well, which will allow for an easy transformation to a strapless style.

My personal favorite is ‘Milan.’ No surprise that this rad wrap is the best seller of the group. The sheer sleeves and slight gathering at the shoulder are the delicate details that take this dress from basic to baller.

Montego‘ is also a notable mention. Be aware of proper proportion with this little number, though. This lace lovely belongs on a long torso and little tatas. A leggy body type would create almost an empire waist effect and cause the joinline to gather. This won’t allow it to fall properly without some major alterations and a night of endless perfect posture checks. No fun. But given the right body type, this dress is tons of fun! Pockets, a high slit and open back…..that’s a good time gown for sure. Icy blondes need to rock the gilded shade and I beg all red heads to wear the dusty rose, valentina option….and I AM talking about these colors for a bride. Outfit the BFFs (bride’s family & friends), in a little ivory number and sport these shades. Only the coolest of brides wear color.

Now to my ‘swing and a miss’ dress. Don’t get me wrong, I have been begging for a solid kimono/caftan wedding gown option to hit, but sadly, ‘Winslow’ just doesn’t do it for me. The flow, the bodice, the slit- I can get behind these particulars…it’s the unlined skirt that loses me. This detail, (or lack there of), takes the dress from chic to cheap in an instant. There are just too many of these styles hanging in the juniors section for me to justify the price tag.

In the shorties game; hands down, the winner is ‘Harp.’ The midi length skirt is retro, adorable, and not too cutesy paired with the cropped cap sleeve top. As always, the pockets add significantly to the style value. Two piece is a typically hard style to sell in bridal and I have never understood why. You can get so much out of these pieces well after the wedding and style them totally different. The crop would be insane with a pair of torn vintage levis and metallic heels. The skirt paired with a tucked in silk racer back tank has hampton chic written all over it. I might even recommend ordering in both the ivory AND navy. It’s simply too good to pass up.

Now, just so you see that I’m not full of shit, here are two of my ‘dream line’ sketches. Please note: the caftan comes fully lined.

Alyson Nicole Bespoke Accessories

Collaborating with this uber talented accessories artist has been nothing but a true pleasure.  This hand crafted line of minimalist boho bridal pieces are as unique as Alyson herself.  A bonafide Brooklyn bad ass, she runs her design house totally solo. Well, technically she is preggers, so she is temporarily acting as a duo dream team.  Alyson is true to her aesthetic vision and refuses to compromise quality for a more simple technique. Abiding by her dedication to ethical and environmental convictions, Alyson is shifting her business to a entirely no-waste, sustainable operation.

Now, I admire do gooder, ethically responsible behavior just as much as the next guy–but let’s be real; I’m seeking out the best LOOKING pieces currently offered in the bridal market. The rest is icing. Good news is, this brand more than delivers on both fronts. So, feel content about your purchase ladies: Alyson sources locally, reduces her carbon footprint and best of all, stays true to her beliefs and bad ass aesthetic. It’s a win, win.

Let’s begin by discussing that the pieces arrive impeccably. Individually packaged in pretty boxes, these delicate adornments appear brand spanking new even after being on a US trunk show tour. Now, this is not an easy task to accomplish. TRUST. Most accessories appear to have gone through a spin cycle once they hit their last show destinations. Alyson Nicole’s collection, however, was rock and roll ready for brides at Serendipity Bridal in Austin, Texas. If you are haven’t added this store into your ‘must go shops’ list, you are doing yourself a disservice. One of the best bridal selections in Texas, hands down.

The boutique’s cool atmosphere was beyond perfect for these pieces and every bride was eager to get in the mix. The raw quartz trend remains present, so this comb fit right in. Brides loved the gold detail and rustic, imperfect look.

Fringe is also having some solid staying power, making this earrings set something for the boho brides to adore.

My personal favorite seemed to be a little bit ahead of its time. The ladies were curious and intrigued by this comb, but not certain it was good for their personal bridal style. Check back next season, and this will be a top seller. I’m calling it.

Speaking of top sellers, this ‘golden child’ of a veil was hands down the crowd favorite. This light and airy adornment appears lovely but inconspicuous on display. Paired with pretty much any style gown, this veil comes to life. The perfect gathering at the comb amplifies the metallic goodness of the fabric, and the fluid fall appears to create a halo of glowing golden sheen. The veil is so good, that brides were ordering it without having yet selected their gown. It’s that good. And the price?? Even better. For all my platinum icy blondes out there, a silver option is available as well.

Now, I do have to be honest and speak of my major disappointment from the show. I was crossing my fingers and toes hoping that the Alyson Nicole clutches would have magically made their way into the trunk show collection package, but alas, they did not. I am of the mindset that these handheld beauties are not given nearly the love that they deserve. Every bride should rock one of these…and this one in particular.

I could go on and on about my genuine affection for this collection and designer. Alyson Nicole’s convictions of bringing the best quality, designs and responsible business practices to brides is admirable to say the least. I’m a big fan. ❤️

I’m happy to announce that for a limited time, Alyson Nicole is offering an online 15% to all UnfussyHussy brides! Use UnfussyHussy15 code at checkout!