ASOS Bridal

Diving deep into fast fashion bridal has taken me to an obvious and very necessary next stop – ASOS.


Known for fashion forward styles and over seas influences, it’s only natural that bridal looks are included into this global fashion house.

Who is an ASOS Bride? The unfussiest of modern mavens that appreciate clean fashion, unbiased beauty and don’t feel like dropping serious coin on a limited wear frock. This bad ass bride is also not one to waiver on big decisions or seek approval from their posse of peers. And although this might seem like an intimidating scenario at the cool girls’ table, it’s an all inclusive affair–petites, curves and leggy (tall) lovelies allowed. ASOS has limited looks for brides-to-be and that’s perfect for those that don’t need too many options to cloud up judgement calls.  Seasonal collaborations with designers such as Bronx & Banco pop up every now and again, but this ain’t Target. There isn’t a revolving door of overly saturated designers creating cookie cutter gowns for the masses. ASOS has a particular customer and that is what makes it special. They stay in their lane, and this unfussy hussy appreciates the hell out of that.

ASOS Brides Significance: There are a few ‘no frills’ attributes that make ASOS stand out as poster child fast fashion brand for me. Starting with THE most significant and helpful tool that any clothing consumer could ask for: VIDEOS!! I cannot emphasize what a gift this feature is. This is an underutilized vantage point for a true to life depiction of these pieces on a body. Photos are great and all, but posed pics are just that- purposely posed. Yes, these videos feature gorgeous models strutting on a short runway, but there is so much helpful info transpired on these tidbits if you are paying close attention. Puckering and unsettled seams can’t hide while in movement, and if it doesn’t flatter the stunning model, well…that’s pretty telling. Alternatively, with the ASOS Bridal line, I find that the pictures don’t do the dresses justice. The gowns that catch my stylist’s eye initially are proven to be winners via the videos. I am especially struck by the satin slinkier numbers. There is little room for error with these fabrics, but ASOS nails it. When viewing the video clips of each product, I am looking for the way it moves when she walks, if the fabric clings, the fit of the tusshie, the train length and side angle.

Inexpensive accessories and adorable add-ons are also offered, so don’t be shy with that order. One can’t have too much cute bride merch.

Be sure to scroll outside of the ‘bridal’ options. There are several numbers offered by ASOS that don’t fit into the bridal box. Amelia Rose Designs  and intuitive searches such as ‘ASOS sequin maxi dresses’ will uncover several gems that are aisle appropriate.

*Free returns up to 28 days after purchase—cannot beat that. Personally, if I know that I am not keeping something, I send that sucker back as soon as I possibly can, but if for some reason it takes a bit to repack the rejects, well, you got it!

Size alternatives for selected gowns…this could be a game changer for those of us that have special fitting needs. To be clear, not all dresses are offered in Petite, Tall or Curvy. This is purposeful. Depending on the construction of the dress, fabric adornment and placement of seams, specialty sizes could be a necessity. Otherwise, straight sizing, for the most part, can be fixed with a simple seam nip and tuck or hem fix.  For example, if there is an obvious separation from bodice to skirt with a hard seam at the waistline; too long of a bodice could result with a fitted waist that hits below the belly button on my fellow shorter gals, or for the higher in height hotties, the seam could creep up to an unflattering underboob, rib location. In this particular scenario, a pattern would be created in both a petite and tall option. Extra length is another, more obvious reasoning behind creating a tall pattern option. Hemlines can always be raised, but not added onto. Bonus: ASOS offers maternity bridal styles too!! This is a wonderful option for pretty preggers brides.

Technical Tidbits: Sizes range from US 0 to US 14 with non-specialty gowns. (Not petite, tall or curvy) Petite options range from US 2 to to US 12. Curvy options range from US 12 to US 26. Tall options range from US 2 to US 12. Many styles sell fast and it is common for ASOS to run out of size runs quickly.  Fit assistance is offered with each dress prompting for your height and weight, belly shape, hip shape, bust size, age and fit preference. Explanatory photos are shown for simple comparisons. Way more realistic than banking on exact number measurements if you ask me. I know my measurements can change drastically based on day of the month and how hard I hit the hidden Halloween candy stash the night before. It has been my personal experience that the ASOS brand tends to be true to size or a bit small. If you are concerned, err in the side of caution and order up. Expect to retain a seamstress or tailor regardless. I can’t preach it enough—the proper fit makes all the difference in the world. No matter the cost of the dress. Couture gowns can still look crummy if it is an ill fit. Ahem, Megan M.

Standard shipping costs begin at $4.99 for purchases less than $50. Once you hit that half hundy, it’s free. Pre-paid labels are included in original parcel or printable from a carrier website by clicking the return link. 28 day refund return option for all items. (including sale) Exchanges can only be done by returning original order and then opening new order in newly desired size or color. Refunds can take up to 10 working days to fulfill, so if there is a question of sizing, maybe order both options to avoid lag time.

Personal Faves: 


ASOS Edition halter, $190



Jarlo Tall Bardot, *Limited stock $139 *Sale price **Stylist’s Tip: Add buttons satin covered buttons down the center of this dress to immediately up the fashion of this look.


ASOS Edition CURVE, $117 *Sale price


Amelia Rose Embelished Long Sleeve $229, Low in stock*


ASOS Edition, $190 **Mini option also available**



Stylist’s Sidenote: These pieces are perfect for an individualistic, modern style. Personal touches such as jewelry, accessories and makeup/hair looks will elevate the clean lines and stark look. If budget will allow, purchase both the ivory and white color options when available. These variations may seem slight in stock photos, but non-embellished fabric without another layer lace or tulle to mute the tones, can make or break a look. Not every skin tone can handle stark white and some ivories appear too yellow on olive coloring.






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