Upcoming Bridal Trends & Takeaways

In true bridal fashion, October market introduced new trends and put others to rest. RIP beaded bodices and asymmetric ruching.

2019 brides will be embarking on 3 dimensional fabrics, elaborate lace covered cut outs, deep necklines and demi cups galore. The toughest design to perfect being the ladder. (I’m still suffering PSD from exposed bra boning gone wrong from seasons past.)

Let’s dive into dimension. There was A TON of this on the runway. Like a ton. Buyers and brides will need to separate the cheap from the chic. It’s a fine line with this trend. This detail comes in many shapes and sizes. Designers debuted everything from flowers to feathers for the textured touch. Here’s what you need to know: placement, color and fabric are key. Petals are meant to appear organic, create depth and visual interest. A subtle contrast such as champagne or blush pink is aesthetically preferred. This way in photos, it is obvious that this detail is intensional rather than a fabric flaw. If the additions are too tonal, it can create a blurred mess rather than an artistic adornment. The heavier the detail, the further away from the bum, face and waist the placement should be. There is, however, a caveat to this unspoken rule. For all of my fellow IBTC, (itty bitty titty committee), members a little fluff upstairs is perfectly acceptable. Standouts from #nybfw include Pronovias, Suzanne Harward& honorable mention to Reem Acra for the coolest veil to date.

Sheer cut-outs and crops of last year have been recycled for more updated versions including lace inserts, exposed boning and interesting skirt attachments. Nobody holds a candle to the OG of the perfectly placed lace: Rime Arodaky.

Inbal Dror hands down killed it with this lace lined number. In love.

Bo & Luca turned a trendy crop to bohemian and beautiful with the simple addition of the strategically placed button.

Onto one of the most controversial styles of the season: the exposed boning. Executed properly, this look is feminine and beautiful. Poor placement and you’ve unintentionally turned a bridal gown into a Madonna, Material Girl contest. It’s tricky, and I’ve taken my personal preferences off the table for this trend. I am IMPOSSIBLE to please and excuse myself from offering opinions. You be the judge for those that bravely attempt the bra cup controversy. Hats off to Lee Grebenau, Marquise Bridal, and Ines Penis. (Check out instagram for an explanation for this unflattering & extremely deserved nickname.)

Honorable mention to the sheer pocket, extreme high low hemlines, feather coverlets & the welcomed resurgence of the obi bow.

And last but not least, I am having a total love affair with these 3 Chosen beauties that debuted in September. Nothing but pure love for these golden girls.

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