Alyson Nicole Bespoke Accessories

Collaborating with this uber talented accessories artist has been nothing but a true pleasure.  This hand crafted line of minimalist boho bridal pieces are as unique as Alyson herself.  A bonafide Brooklyn bad ass, she runs her design house totally solo. Well, technically she is preggers, so she is temporarily acting as a duo dream team.  Alyson is true to her aesthetic vision and refuses to compromise quality for a more simple technique. Abiding by her dedication to ethical and environmental convictions, Alyson is shifting her business to a entirely no-waste, sustainable operation.

Now, I admire do gooder, ethically responsible behavior just as much as the next guy–but let’s be real; I’m seeking out the best LOOKING pieces currently offered in the bridal market. The rest is icing. Good news is, this brand more than delivers on both fronts. So, feel content about your purchase ladies: Alyson sources locally, reduces her carbon footprint and best of all, stays true to her beliefs and bad ass aesthetic. It’s a win, win.

Let’s begin by discussing that the pieces arrive impeccably. Individually packaged in pretty boxes, these delicate adornments appear brand spanking new even after being on a US trunk show tour. Now, this is not an easy task to accomplish. TRUST. Most accessories appear to have gone through a spin cycle once they hit their last show destinations. Alyson Nicole’s collection, however, was rock and roll ready for brides at Serendipity Bridal in Austin, Texas. If you are haven’t added this store into your ‘must go shops’ list, you are doing yourself a disservice. One of the best bridal selections in Texas, hands down.

The boutique’s cool atmosphere was beyond perfect for these pieces and every bride was eager to get in the mix. The raw quartz trend remains present, so this comb fit right in. Brides loved the gold detail and rustic, imperfect look.

Fringe is also having some solid staying power, making this earrings set something for the boho brides to adore.

My personal favorite seemed to be a little bit ahead of its time. The ladies were curious and intrigued by this comb, but not certain it was good for their personal bridal style. Check back next season, and this will be a top seller. I’m calling it.

Speaking of top sellers, this ‘golden child’ of a veil was hands down the crowd favorite. This light and airy adornment appears lovely but inconspicuous on display. Paired with pretty much any style gown, this veil comes to life. The perfect gathering at the comb amplifies the metallic goodness of the fabric, and the fluid fall appears to create a halo of glowing golden sheen. The veil is so good, that brides were ordering it without having yet selected their gown. It’s that good. And the price?? Even better. For all my platinum icy blondes out there, a silver option is available as well.

Now, I do have to be honest and speak of my major disappointment from the show. I was crossing my fingers and toes hoping that the Alyson Nicole clutches would have magically made their way into the trunk show collection package, but alas, they did not. I am of the mindset that these handheld beauties are not given nearly the love that they deserve. Every bride should rock one of these…and this one in particular.

I could go on and on about my genuine affection for this collection and designer. Alyson Nicole’s convictions of bringing the best quality, designs and responsible business practices to brides is admirable to say the least. I’m a big fan. ❤️

I’m happy to announce that for a limited time, Alyson Nicole is offering an online 15% to all UnfussyHussy brides! Use UnfussyHussy15 code at checkout!

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