Barefoot Brides & Other Shoe Trends

Bridal shoes are sometimes one of the last minute decisions that need to be made to complete an overal style, and yet somehow, it always seems to be one of the hardest. Let’s be real. 99% of the time, you never really see the bride’s shoes. Yet, this selection has the ability to crack a bride’s sanity level. Many salons quit carrying shoes. It’s a space hog, an inventory nightmare, and quite frankly- a lot of bridal shoes are ugly. What goes on your feet is a pretty personal decision….and I can respect that. Plus, I don’t have the desire to mess with a strangers stinky toes. So, when styling a bride, I typically suggest that they search online or shoe boutiques that allow returns. This way, not only can the comfort be tested, but the heel height needs to be checked up against a gown’s hemline. Metallics are always a solid choice. Don’t box yourself into seeking out bridal specific shoes. You will end up paying too much, and never, ever wear them again. 

There are some shoe ‘trends’ that I heard from brides on repeat. A few made me cringe, but I AM a really particular and very picky brat. Besides that, to each their own. I’m not going to nitpick or judge, just observe. (Judging will remain silent.) Heels, platforms are red bottoms are no brainers….we will be discussing the more controversial styles. 
First one: Cowboy Boots. 

After the marriage of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, this was a trend that went bananas. Especially with my Texas ladies. I have seen every pair; from white leather with sparkley initials to grass and poo stained ones that held a special nostalgia. (And stench.) It’s not for everybody, (especially not me), but everybody knows somebody that sported this look down the aisle. 

Another notable mention: Flip Flops. 

Undoubtingly, one of the most comfy of all trends…..not always the most flattering, though. I remember so vividly working with an adorably boho bride that expressed her desire to go sans formal shoes and sport flippies. Monte Durham happened to be in the salon with me at the time, and was quick to protest….quickly and rather loudly, in fact. I specifically recall him using the words ‘gross, stupid, and disgusting’ to proclaim his profound distaste of the bride’s styling choice. This incedent was before his tv days, but he was still famous in the industry for these sorts of unedited outbursts. After I diffused the aquardness of the situation, I listened to the reasoning for the casual choice. It seemed that she was the same height as her hubby to be, and she didn’t want to wear formal flats or ballet slippers. Her gown would cover her feet anyhow. I understood, talked her down from physically and verbally attacking Monte and sold her the dress of her dreams.  Let’s get real, flippies are my go to as well when I want to chillax. Who doesn’t want that? (Just be aware of the ‘flip-flop’ sound coming down the aisle) 

And there’s this: Ballet Slippers. 

Debutantes, tall brides and flower girls feel right at home in these round toed numbers. On paper, this style makes sense; shiny satin, ivory, comfortable and formal. So, there you have it. It’s an option. (Can you tell, it is not my fav?)

Can’t leave this one out: Barefoot.

There are a lot of feelings about this one. It’s either praised or poo-pooed. This is a very venue specific choice. Beach? No question. If it’s on the sand, it is the only viable option. Outdoors? Still acceptable. If a bride goes with exposed piggies, free the whole wedding party and have them remove their shoes too. It’s only fair. Most of my barefoot brides did bring a pair of shoes for the reception. Dancing can get dicey, unless EVERYBODY is without…..and then you would have to worry about smelly feet and it becomes a whole thing. Just take my advice and pack some shoes. 

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