Bridal Rompers! Ban RompHims!

As in so many other areas of life, the men are behind….case in point: Romphims. The male version of the romper. (Jumpsuit, onesie, jumper..etc. ) Now, I am never one to turn my nose on a trend without giving it a few moments of spotlight, but the romphim, I am just NOT down with. I put it right up there with spandex biker pants, speedos and 70s basketball shorts. No need. Not necessary. Not ever. Bridal jumpsuits, however——-HUGE FAN! 

Now, not every lady has the chutzpah to pull off this bold fashion, but for those bad enough, it is a look that will not soon be forgotten. Overall styling is uber crucial when sporting this attention grabbing garb. Depending on the formality of the event, jewelry and accessories should reflect as such. Don’t overdo it. Veils can be tricky when paired with pants, so I would opt for a modern headpiece or trailing cape. Makeup and hair should remain soft an ultra fem. (unless of coarse, it’s the androgynous feel of these outfits that appeal to you) 

How would I introduce the formal adult onesie?? I would choose one with a super fitted bodice and straight (not skinny) pants to keep it all tailored and tight. For the ceremony, I would add an overskirt with a thick waist band to accentuate the waist, or an overskirt that attachces in front so the pants peek out a bit. Removal of the skirt for the recpetion is an instant second look. As a bonus- this also immediatly eliminates the garter toss….which is a terribly antiquated tradition anyhow. 

As out of the box as this might seem for a bride, the turned up version of this look is next level. Quite frankly, if I had the gams for it, I would sooooooooo rock this little number!

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