Oh, the stories I could tell. Behind the fluff and fuss, the bridal industry is beyond fickle and flawed. Many other ‘f’ words come to mind, but I digress. I stumbled upon my position as a bridal consultant as a young 20 something, and was immediately drawn to the possibilities of an alternative career path that the industry might allow. I dabbled in it all….corporate, behind the scenes runway, accessory design, business consulting, and eventually found my sweet spot with buying. This was my ultimate. Buffy the Vampire Slayer said it best, “I just think it sounds cool, you know? Buyer, buying, to buy….” As far as I was concerned, I had hit the top. I was in the mix. Heading to New York Markets twice a year, catching editorial runway shows, chatting it up with designers, discovering new talent…I mean it was awesome. I was hella good at it too. Then, it started to become a bit of a spectacle and a scene. The exclusivity and allure of the collection releases became readily available to anybody with a smartphone. The buying crowd became clones of the same squeaky-toned newbies that bought into identical ‘innovative’ styles scattered with unicorns and glitter. Barf. Then, the clients….?? Some brides became, (how should I put this), complicated. Shows like ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ allowed a sort of  hazy insight into the inner workings of a salon as well as a green light to act like an asshole during an appointment. ‘Bridezillas’ offered assurance that they are, in fact, not the worst bride in the universe. Many appointments fell into a gray area somewhere in between the two realms. It has become a cat and mouse game at this point. Bridal Consultants are not given the respect that they deserve and there is no longer such thing as line exclusivity or loyalty between designer and boutique. Most designers are available online, and cheap knockoffs are everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, there ARE design houses that are still reputable, innovative. Genuinely good people still exist…. After all, these select individuals are the reason I stayed in the business for over 12 years. And yes, there are sweet, wonderful and lovely brides as well. My favorite ladies would allow me to give educated guidance while adhhearing to their specific wants and needs. These ended up being the best dressed brides. Obvi. I even styled Brie Bella head to toe on her big day. On television in fact. See? I am not completely jaded. I am however, too old, too smart and too level headed to become complacent, and this what I feel the industry has become. Bridal is due for a complete overhaul. So now I want to chat about it. I invite all brides, industry insiders and anybody else for that matter to chime in. Let’s trade stories, ideas and innovation. Perhaps together we can shed light on this business that chooses to reside in the dark.

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